WaterBorne ™ Clear Base Primer, 8 oz.

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WaterBorne ™ Clear Base Primer 8 ounce Bottle (also available in 2, 1 and 1/2 ounce bottles)
To be used as a preparatory coating on bare vinyl as the first step in using air-dry paints.
Because vinyl is a petroleum product, water-based paints and mediums generally do not adhere well.  The same goes for baked polymer clay.  This product solves the problem of getting air dry paints such as WaterBorne © paints to apply smoothly and adhere permanently to these surfaces. WaterBorne © Clear Base Primer is a thick white fluid that can be thinned slightly with water if needed or used straight from the bottle.  It should be smoothed on with a soft cosmetic sponge and allowed to dry for up to 24 hrs before painting.  It is completely clear, non-yellowing, flexible and waterproof when fully dry.  It provides "tooth" to smooth surfaces so the paint can adhere permanently.  I recommend you use this as a base coat on ALL cleaned vinyl doll parts before you apply water-based, air dry paints.
Another use for this product recently discovered:  Mix with WaterBorne © colors to create MORE transparent color for washes, glazes or blending.  You can use up to 3 parts Clear Base Primer to paint.