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FREE TUTORIAL: How To Make a Rice Sock for Rooting Doll Heads


Materials needed:  1 to 1.5 cups of white rice (you can also use buckwheat kernels)

One clean white sock - new or used

Fill the sock with the rice and tie a knot out near the end of the sock.  You want it to be floppy and squishy.

To heat it, place it in the microwave WITH a half-full mug of water.  Heat for 30 second increments, checking each time until the sock is as warm as you want it.
The water alongside prevents scorching, but it's still possible to overheat the rice and boil the water creating an awful mess! 

In my 1000 watt Microwave oven, I can heat my rice sock for up to 2 minutes and that is perfect for me.

Next, stuff the hot rice sock into the doll's head and let it sit for about a minute upside down.  This will heat the top of the head to maximum warmth and make the vinyl much softer.  The heat will last about one hour inside the doll's head.  Then you repeat heating the sock as often as needed.