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QUESTION #1:  How often do you ship orders?  Answer:  I normally ship Monday, Weds, and Friday.  If you need your order rushed, you may email me and ask.  If I can, I will.  I need the other days of the week to process other business related things and conduct my home life.  I am a one woman operation so your understanding and patience are appreciated :)

QUESTION #2:  I don't like an item I got from you.  Can I send it back for a refund?  Answer:  please refer to my Refunds and Returns page for more detailed instructions.  Most of the time, the answer is YES...unless the page you bought it from says "no".

QUESTION #3:  Why don't your doll kits all come with Certificates of Authenticity?  Answer:  most HunnyBuns kits are open edition at this time and I have not gone to the trouble or expense of having COAs printed for them.  If and when I release a new, Limited Edition Doll Kit, I will certainly provide the signed and numbered COAs for each one.  When I sell other sculptor's kits, it is up to the individual dealer/seller whether or not COAs will be included with their kits.  I have no control over that.  But I will assure you that HunnyBuns Reborn Supply will NEVER knowingly deal in unverified doll kits from any source.  I know who I buy from personally.  That is MY assurance and YOUR guarantee.

QUESTION #4:  With Covid-19 concerns on everyone's mind in 2021 what assurance do I have that you handle my order in a safe manner?  Answer:  I practice frequent hand-washing and sanitize work surfaces here at home where I live and work.  I am doing everything necessary to protect myself and my family healthwise.  I only sell new, clean, and unused products at HBRS.  I only use NEW boxes and wrapping materials to pack and ship your orders.  I have at times taken extra steps to disinfect customer's package contents at their request.  If you are worried, you may email me to express your concerns.  

QUESTION #5:  Why aren't you selling reborns anymore?  Answer:  I have had some health issues in the past several years most notably with my eyesight. Until I have more eye surgery done, my vision doesn't really allow me to turn out the best possible work.  It is my hope that very soon (in 2020 if possible) I will once again return to my first love:  creating collectible reborn baby dolls.  

QUESTION #6:  Do you still teach live classes?  Answer:  No, not as of this writing (see date below).  If that changes, I will announce my plans on social media and on this site's home page.  I would love to return to teaching live reborning classes!  I always loved doing them.  Until then, please check out the Secrist DVDs using Genesis Heatset Painting and my two books on reborning.  

QUESTION #7:  Please explain your Rewards Program.  Answer:  When you opened your HunnyBuns Reborn Supply account, you had the option of clicking on the teal box marked REWARDS and joining.  When you join, (the app I use) will begin sending promotion emails to your email address on record.  You accumulate points each time you make a purchase.  Be sure that you check your Spam or Junk Mail folder frequently and if you need to allow emails from, then please do so.  

These are the types of emails you will receive:


As time goes on you'll receive emails showing you the cumulative total of your points and offering you a clickable link to shop and redeem your points:


You will always have the option of opting out of this program - using the link in the above email.  For any other issues regarding your Rewards Program just contact me via email.