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The Art & Magic of Reborning II Using Genesis Heatset Paints™ ON SALE!

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The Art & Magic of Reborning II Using Genesis Heatset Paints™

Called by many the bible of Reborning with Genesis Heatset paints, this is the most comprehensive Reborn Dollmaking Tutorial out there.  Over 300 full color photos, many beginning and advanced techniques.  Easy to read and understand, you can have it handy to refer to right on your work table. 


Table of Contents 

Pg. 4 Introduction to Reborning & Newborning Dolls 

Pg. 5 Materials and Tools 

Pg. 6 Manufactured Dolls vs. Doll Kits 

Pg. 7-9 Disassembling/Getting Started Using a Berenguer Doll 

Pg. 10-11 Painting with Genesis® Heatset Paints/Important Facts 

Pg. 12 Understanding Color Basics 

Pg. 13 Getting Started with Blank Kits

 Pg. 14 Veining 

Pg. 15-16 Optional Interior Painting 

Pg. 17 Exterior Blue/Undertones 

Pg 18 Baking the Parts 

Pg. 19 Proper Use of Heatguns 

Pg. 21-22 Developing Realistic Caucasian Skin Tones with Multiple Layers 

Pg. 22-23 Caucasian Skin Tone – Blush Layers 

Pg. 24 Second Flesh Layer 

Pg. 26 More Undertone Layers 

Pg. 27-28 Creases and Wrinkles 

Pg. 29 Painted Eyebrows 

Pg. 30-31 Detailing Hands and Feet

 Pg. 32 Final Blush (Details) 

Pg. 33 Finishing Touches 

- Using Genesis Glazing Gel 

- Opening Nose Holes

 Pg. 35-36 Eye Insertion, Two Methods 

Pg. 37 Introduction to Mohair and Rooting Tools 

Pg. 40 Mohair & Needle Troubleshooting 

Pg. 41 Cut-End Micro Rooting 

Pg. 43 Middle-Strand Micro Rooting 

Pg. 44-45 Micro Rooted Eyelashes 

Pg. 46 Trimming Rooted Hair 

Pg. 47 Trimming a Wig 

Pg. 51-52 Applying Eyelashes to Open Eyes 

Pg. 53 Eyebrows with Prismacolor Pencils 

Pg. 54 Texturizing/Sealing Eyebrows 

Pg. 55 Assembly (Introduction to Materials) 

Pg. 56 Assembly (Stuffing & Weighting)

Pg. 61-64 Special Techniques  

-Creating a Magnetic Pacifier 

-Using Matte Varnish 

-Berrymakers Mottling 

-Paper Glaze Special Effects 

Pg. 65 Color Correction (redness) 

Pg. 66 Belly Plates 

Pg. 70 Painted Hair 

Pg. 73 Problems & Fixes

 Pg. 74 Tips & Tricks

 Pg. 75 Genesis Color Chart (most used colors) 

Pg. 76 Reborn Caresheet

 Pg. 78 Reborn Doll Birth Certificate

 Pg. 79 Credits & References









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  • 5
    the art and magic of reborn

    Posted by judy goodwin on Dec 11th 2020

    This book is very descriptive with clear pictures and instructions on how to use genesis heat set paints. My new go to when reborning