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Please do not become a victim :(

Please do not become a victim :(

Posted by S. Tackett on Dec 4th 2019

Potential Doll Collectors ALERT. See, this is what happens when you scroll the internet and believe every ad you see for "reborn dolls" sold cheaply. I don't care if it IS on or eBay or anywhere else. YOU CANNOT BUY A DECENT REBORN DOLL LIKE THIS.

First of all, the Chinese counterfeiters have STOLEN some good artist's original photos to sell their garbage from.

Second of all, there is no telling what cheap, potentially dangerous or toxic "vinyl" they are producing over there. It's a Wild West Show, completely unregulated.

Third of all, they are COUNTERFEITING legitimate doll sculptor's work! Yes, they can get their hands on a doll that was sculpted by one of the better known doll kit artists, and then create a new mold and begin producing KNOCK-OFFS from them. THAT IS INTERNATIONAL COPYRIGHT LAW INFRINGEMENT.

Fourth of all, you can only purchase a REAL reborn doll from an individual doll artist who buys the kit and materials and makes it from scratch. It might be already done and on eBay, Etsy or any other sales venue or you might buy a custom order. But you will ONLY be dealing with an individual reborn doll artist and you will NOT pay "$89" or some ridiculously low price for original art work such as I make or such as many other reputable artists make.

THIS IS A TRAVESTY of the art form that I have loved and promoted and given my life into since 2002. It makes us ALL sick and angry to see this happening. DON'T DO IT.

**** Don't be taken in and ripped off. ****