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Posted by Stephanie Tackett on Nov 15th 2019

Touching bases again on a topic that I've written about before:  fake coupon sites!  Check this out:

I don't know how they get away with it :( 

Please know that the ONLY coupons, promotions and codes you can use on my site are those you get directly from ME using either direct email link (meaning it came to your inbox from my email) OR using my Rewards system which is run by  They are legit.  NOTHING ELSE IS.  

I do urge you to sign up for and use my Rewards program.  A lot of my customers who began using it early in the year are now cashing in on their coupons - YAY!  I love a good discount, don't you?  Do it!

In this day and age of easy counterfeiting, mirroring, and fake look alike sites, we honest entrepreneurs must protect ourselves as best we can.  A prospective customer contacted me yesterday, having searched my Nursery site which had taken her to a Chinese mass market doll kit counterfeiting company called  It took several puzzling emails back and forth for me to connect the dots and realize what had happened.  

Of course, that brings up the other issue of Chinese doll companies ILLEGALLY remolding original doll parts and then selling them on a massive worldwide sale through the largest merchandising sites.  How do they do this?  They copy original artist's prototype photographs from eBay, Etsy, and their dealer sites and then claim them as their own work.  Unsuspecting people see these wonderfully created lifelike baby dolls, see the cheap prices and WHAM...they are hooked.  I wonder how many people have been cheated out of their hard earned money to date.  It is so frustrating.  You may wonder why I state on my header that I sell only authentic doll kits.  That's why.  I'm a doll sculptor as well as reborn artist and doll dealer.  I have some skin in this game as do you!  

We all need to work together to prevent losses, and keep scammers from winning.