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Air Dry Clear THICK GLOSS Polyurethane Varnish, 1/2 ounce PRICE DROP!

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WaterBorne ™ Air Dry Polyurethane SUPER THICK Clear Gloss Varnish, 1/2 oz Bottle (very shiny and crystal clear - much better quality than acrylic craft varnishes)  

This is an artist quality water-based, air dry thick bodied clear gloss varnish.  Great for lips, nails, eyes - anywhere you like an extra shiny touch of clear gloss on your dolls.  Used to "flood" the eyes for a teary-eyed baby.  Lightly applied over acrylic eyes, this product helps seal the lashes and eyes in place.  They can also be dropped down the cheek for tear trails.  If used over Genesis Heatset paints, be sure the Heatset products are fully heatset (dried) before putting this varnish on.