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Hair Conditioner for Reborn Dolls

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My Own Formula - Not a prepackaged spray  ~  Reborn Baby Hair Conditioner, 8 ounce bottle

I make my own spray-on DEEP CONDITIONING baby hair conditioner (from scratch!) that works oh-so-nicely on any type of mohair.  It has expensive ingredients like panthenol & silk protein to take the frizzies right out of overprocessed mohair, yet it works perfectly on really high quality mohair as well.  Curly or straight, this stuff does the trick!  And best of all, it smells like a freshly-washed newborn baby, so sweet!  HINT:  if you have to rebake your doll after rooting with genuine mohair, simply use a liberal amount of this spray before putting it back in the oven.  The heat will combine with the conditioning ingredients to make the mohair extra soft.  I always recommend you color-fast test any mohair you use BEFORE you root.  I can't guarantee it won't cause *some* mohair dyes to run (this is a function of the mohair and the process, not the conditioner).   If it doesn't run with water, it's not likely to run with this conditioner.  Packaging may vary (bottle shape and color) **NOT for use on real infants or children**