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I have a detached retina :(

Posted by Stephanie on Aug 9th 2017

I found out this week I have a torn retina in my left eye and will be having surgery on Thursday, 8/10/17.  As a result, I'm not certain when I will be able to ship orders placed in the next seve … read more

About Gift Certificates

May 5th 2017

Unfortunately, due to some fraudulent activity lately, I have had to hide my Gift Certificates option.  I will be more than happy to offer you one if you email me so I can verify your identity. & … read more

What? Someone actually trademarked WHAT??

Posted by Stephanie S Tackett on Feb 15th 2014

This is pretty much the most outrageous thing I've seen yet in my days as a reborn artist, and I began doing this in 2002. I remember back years ago, one artist tried to claim she inventing r … read more