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Don't be fooled by fake coupon sites!

Posted by Stephanie Tackett on Apr 2nd 2019

A lady today brought to my attention this fake coupon site. you can generate a coupon there for anywh … read more

Calling all WaterBorne © Artists!

Nov 7th 2018

I am collecting photographs for an album on Facebook for inspiration!  I need your WaterBorne© Air Dry Painted babies, please.  Send them to me on Facebook or to my email account:  hunn … read more
HunnyBuns is Relocating to Florida, soon!

HunnyBuns is Relocating to Florida, soon!

Posted by Stephanie on Jul 16th 2018

We will be moving to my hometown of Venice Florida, hopefully in the the month of August or Sept, 2018.  My husband is assuming pastorship of a small church starting up there, and I will continue … read more