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QUESTION #1:  How often do you ship orders?  Answer:  I normally ship Monday, Weds, and Friday.  If you need your order rushed, you may email me and ask.  If I can, I will.  I need the other days of the week to process other business related things and conduct my home life.  I am a one woman operation so your understanding and patience are appreciated :)

QUESTION #2:  I don't like an item I got from you.  Can I send it back for a refund?  Answer:  please refer to my Refunds and Returns page for more detailed instructions.  Most of the time, the answer is YES...unless the page you bought it from says "no".

QUESTION #3:  Why don't your doll kits all come with Certificates of Authenticity?  Answer:  most HunnyBuns kits are open edition at this time and I have not gone to the trouble or expense of having COAs printed for them.  If and when I release a new, Limited Edition Doll Kit, I will certainly provide the signed and numbered COAs for each one.  When I sell other sculptor's kits, it is up to the individual dealer/seller whether or not COAs will be included with their kits.  I have no control over that.  But I will assure you that HunnyBuns Reborn Supply will NEVER knowingly deal in unverified doll kits from any source.  I know who I buy from personally.  That is MY assurance and YOUR guarantee.

QUESTION #4:  With Covid-19 concerns on everyone's mind in 2020 what assurance do I have that you handle my order in a safe manner?  Answer:  I practice frequent hand-washing and sanitize work surfaces here at home where I live and work.  I am doing everything necessary to protect myself and my family healthwise.  I only sell new, clean, and unused products at HBRS.  I only use NEW boxes and wrapping materials to pack and ship your orders.  I have at times taken extra steps to disinfect customer's package contents at their request.  If you are worried, you may email me to express your concerns.  

QUESTION #5:  Why aren't you selling reborns anymore?  Answer:  I have had some health issues in the past several years most notably with my eyesight. Until I have more eye surgery done, my vision doesn't really allow me to turn out the best possible work.  It is my hope that very soon (in 2020 if possible) I will once again return to my first love:  creating collectible reborn baby dolls.  

QUESTION #6:  Do you still teach live classes?  Answer:  No, not as of this writing (see date below).  If that changes, I will announce my plans on social media and on this site's home page.  I would love to return to teaching live reborning classes!  I always loved doing them.  Until then, please check out the Secrist DVDs using Genesis Heatset Painting and my two books on reborning.