Genesis © 1 oz Jars PHTHALO BLUE 04 Original Formula

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GENESIS © Heatset Color 1 oz. Jar:  *PHTHALO BLUE 04* Original Formula (heat sets at 265*F/130*C)

Genesis colors are so concentrated that many times you only need a small amount to paint a number of dolls.  They are very economical for this reason.

Genesis Artist Colors stay "wet" until you heat them to 265 degrees F. (or 130*C), giving you control over the paint drying.  Usual bake time is about 8 minutes, or slightly less in a convection oven.  I strongly recommend the use of a good oven thermometer to ensure accurate bake time.

You need to use a ceramic, porcelain or glass palette - never plastic.  Thin with art grade odorless thinner or Genesis Thinning Medium.