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    Black Teardrop Blending Sponge

    Black Teardrop Blending Sponge

    Black Teardrop Blending Sponge Many reborn artists are raving about this new shape and style of blending sponge.  Works with Genesis paints as well as WaterBorne (or other air dry paint system).    

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  • Mushroom Handled Needle Holder

    Mushroom Handled Needle Holder

    MUSHROOM HANDLED NEEDLE HOLDER One of the oldest, tried and true rooting needle holders, this handle holds the rooting needle firmly in place and is very comfortable in how it fits into the palm of your hand while working.  Very little hand...

    MSRP: $12.99
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  • Wipe Out Tool

    Wipe Out Tool

    Kemper Wipe Out Tool I use the wedge end for many sculpting tasks, but most of all for forming soft little "fat rolls" on mini sculpts and those soft lines on the lips and knuckles.  It does a great job of "erasing" small painting boo-boos if...

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