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WaterBorne Air Dry Ultra-Matte Sealer, 1/2 ounce

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WaterBorne © Air Dry Ultra-Matte Sealer, 1/2 oz

This is an artist quality water-based, air dry clear Ultra-Matte (no shine) Sealer/Varnish.  This is the product you've been waiting for, if you're using Air Dry paints and getting some shine on the finished doll.  You apply this smoothly with a sponge or very soft brush (and it can be diluted just slightly if necessary to ensure a smooth finish).  It will result in a velvety, matte seal coat on top of your air dry paints.  I do not recommend it for use over GHSP at this time (if that changes, I'll let you know).  Full instructions on the use of all WaterBorne products is found here:  FREE TUTORIAL