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WaterBorne (Air Dry Painting) Class Set

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18.00 Ounces
WaterBorne (Air Dry Painting) Class Set
This is a special set I've made up especially for the students taking April Yap's WaterBorne Air Dry Painting Class.

These are matte finish acrylic paints in a wide range of colors specially selected for dollmakers, especially reborn artists.  Thin with water or WaterBorne mediums.  Air dry or use your heatgun to dry layers and details extra-quick so you can move to the next layer.  **NO BAKING REQUIRED**

Paint can be removed with water within a few minutes of painting, but becomes more or less permanent after drying for a few hours.  Your mileage may vary.  Set contains 10 Petite Size (.25 ounce/2 dram) PREBLENDED WaterBorne colors and 4 mediums.  Please note that April's earlier editions of her eBook did not have instructions on the importance of using the Clear Base Coat and Surface Prep on all new vinyl.  THIS IS AN ESSENTIAL FIRST STEP!

Preblended Colors:
Light Flesh
Dark Flesh
Brown Brow/Ethnic Skintone
Creamy Warm Tint
Warm Blush Wash
Redness Correcting Tint
Slo-Dri Medium .5 oz
Clear Base Coat and Surface Prep .5 oz
Ultra Matte Sealer .5 oz
Air Dry Clear Satin  (petite)

Here is the
link to buy April's NEW and UPDATED Air Dry Tutorial e-Book:

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    I love these paints they are so easy to work with.

    Posted by Tareena on Feb 15th 2017

    all you have to buy at a store is distilled water, i bought a gallon for 80 cents at stop and shop. its smooth and easy to put on, the slow dri medium that comes with the set slows the process of drying down. the surface prep is included in thisa set after you wash the kit and let it dry 72 hours then use the surface prep and let that dry and then you can start painting. i have a youtube channel winterrosesnursery is my name. i started using these paints and made the saskia kit with them.