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Thick Medium, 1 oz.

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Thick Medium is a very stiff, clear gel which can be mixed with the paint to give Genesis paints a thicker, more textured consistency, or to extend the paint.  It takes about 2 minutes longer to heatset than Genesis colors.  You'll know if you didn't set it long enough by a chalky appearance.  It's also used by those who prefer to use dry pigments to mix their own colors.  It is a heatset medium just like all Genesis products. This is what I use to create textured eyebrows and other special effects on my reborn babies.  You just paint the medium on with a small, stiff brush (like a spotter brush, which I also sell) right over the previously heatset eyebrows.  When baked it looks like hair :-)  I also recommend it with Prismacolor Pencil eyebrows and hair to seal them permanently and give the appearance of real hair.

With your purchase of any Genesis paint product, you may be interested in my FREE reborning instructions now found on the main menu of the Home Page.