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The Art of Newborning II "Painting with Genesis" Pat Secrist & Stephanie Sullivan

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"The Art of Newborning-Painting with Genesis Heatset Paints"- The Second Reborning/Newborning Teaching Video on DVD with Pat Secrist and Stephanie Sullivan

This DVD focuses on using Genesis Heatset paints.  It features a step-by-step demonstration of   "newborning" a blank doll kit;   GENESIS HEATSET PAINTS painting instructions, color mixing, achieving lifelike skintones and blushing using Genesis paints;  use of sponges & brushes;  detailing lips, nails, creases, brows; applying ethnic skin coloring, adding special effects such as drool and tears!    All DVD's and CD's are compatible with any system and in any region.  Due to copyright laws, no DVD can be returned once opened.  Only defective products will be replaced or refunded.