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Spotter Brush (texturing brows, milia, nailtips)

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Spotter Brush, Size 18/0

This is the smallest brush you have ever used. I like to use to apply eyebrows and Thick medium on my dolls to create textured brows and lower lashes, too.  It has a tiny point to put on hair-fine strokes of paint, but is stiff enough to apply the Thick medium also and create hair-like texture as you apply.  It's also the perfect brush to apply those tiny nail tips and eyelid capillaries! 

You will want more than one, believe me :-)  These are the top quality brushes which I use the most and demonstrated in the "Art of Newborning" and "Painting with Genesis" DVDs by Secrist Doll Co. and in my books "The Art & Magic of Reborning©" I and II"