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Sleeping Baby Eye Blanks

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Sleeping Baby Eye Blanks  ~Use Drop Down Menu to Select Size~

14mm and 16mm HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED.    As time goes on, I will be discontinuing offering eye blanks. 

When sculpting sleeping babies you need eyes behind the eyelids so you can get the proper roundness in the sleeping eyelids.  Many sculptors make the eyelids too flat which takes away from the desired look of realism.  On occasion, they come as separate funnels and half-rounds.  Glue the backside on to create a full round eye.  

The Large and Medium Secrist sculpting forms use 22 mm size blanks.  The Small Secrist Sculpting form uses an 18mm blank

The #1 and #2 Foam Armatures would take a 12mm, 14mm or maybe a 16mm eye.  #3 and #4 Foam Armatures would take 16mm or 18mm eyes.  #5 Foam Armatures can take 20-22mm eyes.

The rule of thumb:  pick the size eye in mm that corresponds to the finished length of the baby in inches.