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Jars PETG, 1/2 oz. Set of 5 for Genesis Heatset Paints

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1/2 oz. Empty Genesis Jars (set of 5)

Have you ever needed an extra few jars to put your pre-mixed Genesis paints into for safe keeping?   It's a fact that the only plastic safe and compatible with Genesis paints and mediums is PETE.  Now you can buy 1/2 ounce extra jars to have on hand.  These are the exact type jars that the Genesis company packages their paint and mediums in, but hold only 1/2 ounce rather than 1 ounce.  (I also sell the 1 ounce size)  Don't risk your expensive paints to a cheap plastic pot where they will just dry out and crack and become unusable in a very short time.