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Glass Weighting Beads *2mm* 10 lbs

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192.00 Ounces
Glass Weighting Beads *2mm* 10 lbs

Glass Doll Weighting Beads, Large  (1.7 - 2mm size)  10 LBS

A naturally weighted doll adds much to the feel of realism.  You want a natural balance of weight between the body and the limbs.  The best way to achieve this is to use glass beads.  This size is what I put inside a knee high stocking and then place inside the cloth body slip.  These beads are large enough that they don't "sift out" of the nylon mesh. 

I also sell the tiny Fine size beads that work better inside the vinyl parts because they are small like salt grains, and give you far more weight in the limbs than plastic pellets.  Both of the glass weighting beads I sell are completely clean, sanitary, with rounded shapes (no crushed glass, no sharp edges, no dangerous silica powder to inhale!).  Your dolls and your customers deserve the absolute best and this is it!   Glass beads weigh more than twice as much as plastic beads so you don't need as much. 

(I will use the most economical shipping method - usually Priority Mail Flat Rate - and refund the difference to you if it's more than a couple dollars)

Hint:  if you're shipping to Australia, it is recommended that you include a small sample of these beads inside the package with your reborn with a note explaining that the doll is filled with these tiny glass beads that are a little larger than sand.  Apparently they do look like sand on an X-RAY but I've been told that this explanation seems to be sufficient for the customs officials in Australia.