Genesis Advanced Coloring Doll Set, 13 Petite Jars

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Genesis Advanced Coloring Doll Set - Petite Jars

I've selected the most popular ADVANCED TECHNIQUE Doll Making Genesis Colors for you.  You get 13 full petite size jars.  GHSP are all very concentrated so a little bit goes a very long way!  And Genesis paints never go bad unless exposed to excessive heat.   

You save $9.58 buying these colors in a set :)

Included:  Sap Green, Viridian 03, Magenta 02, Magenta 08, Quinacridone Crimson 01, Raw Umber, Yellow Ochre, Pyrrole Red 06, Pyrrole Red 08, Ultramarine Blue, Genesis Red, Mars Black and Titanium White