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Folk Art Glass & Tile Medium, 2 oz

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5.00 Ounces
Folk Art Glass & Tile Medium, 2 oz
Folk Art Glass & Tile Medium, 2 oz bottle
Can be used as a prep coating on bare vinyl as the first step in using air-dry paints. 
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Lil Dumplins Nursery Blog

Here's a description of how Angie uses this product:
"Put a little sealer on a cosmetic wedge and pounce it onto the pieces only enough to get the sealer on smooth and until it starts to go tacky but still looks wet and shiny. Resist the urge to work it more and wait for it to air dry. It will turn matte as it dries. I also found it best to change to a new fresh sponge with each limb because as the sealer builds up on the sponge it can go kinda grainy and leave little residue behind if you don't change the sponge enough or you work the sealer too much on the vinyl. I did use a small brush to apply sealer in between the fingers and another dry small brush to work it a little in those cracks and creases so as to not have it pool there. The outcome is a very nice matte looking baby that feels smooth."
I have also used it to remove shine from a completely painted doll (WaterBorne).  I simply smoothed it on in a very thin layer with a cosmetic sponge.  When it dried, the shine was gone!  ~S.Tackett