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"Art & Magic of Reborns Color System" Preblended Genesis Doll Colors CAUCASIAN SET

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In response to many requests, I have developed my own personal custom translucent reborn color system.  These paints are my own blends of Genuine Genesis Heatset Paints and mediums, PRE-BLENDED to save YOU time and effort in creating your own realistic reborn babies through the Art & Magic of Reborning!

CAUCASIAN COLOR SET ~ You get ELEVEN Petite Size jars of:
Nail Tip & Milia Color
Intermediate Undertone Wash
Peachy (warm) Blush/Crease color
Veining Blue
Eyelid Capillary and Undertone Purple
Anti-Redness Correction Tint
Lip & Nail Glaze
Blonde Brow & Hair
Neutral Brown Brow & Hair

Moist Baby Skin Glow
Light Flesh Texturizing Foundation

These custom color blends are designed to be used straight from the jar, or with minimal addition of thinners except for the Undertone Wash, which should be thinned to a very thin, transparent tint or wash of color.  Since they are pure Genesis, they can be used exactly the same way that any Genesis colors and mediums are, and must be heatset.  Genesis Heatset Paints MUST be baked in an oven at 265*F (130*C) or dried with a heatgun.  I recommend the use of an oven thermometer so that you can be sure that the paint reaches curing (drying) temperature. 

Individual colors are also available    Also:  there is an Ethnic Set!